Top Five Residential Properties in Wakad - Hinjewadi that You Must Buy Right Away

The surge in the IT sector is deemed to be one of the key reasons that make Wakad-Hinjewadi areas to the most promising localities in the West Pune region to invest your capital in the real estate properties.  So far, various studies and surveys have also revealed that how Wakad-Hinjewadi will give maximum capital appreciation to one's investment. Given this reason, more and more people are showing interest in investing in both residential and commercial real estate projects in the said localities of the Pune.

Buying or Renting a House in Pune: A Matter of Debate

A significant percentage of the middle-income group in India is confused when it comes to housing. "Buying or renting a house in Pune?", This question often lingers in the mind of the home seekers.

What Makes Wakad So Popular Among Real Estate Investors and Buyers?

Wakad is perceived to be on of the lucrative real estate options by both investors and
buyers alike. Ideally nestled in the western part of the Pune city, Wakad is witnessing
tremendous growth in every term including civic infrastructure and cosmopolitan culture.
Proximity to Hinjewadi (IT hub) is one of the key attributes which makes Wakad a hotbed
for the real estate industry.

4 Trends Drive Changes in Indias' Real Estate Market

The state of the Indian real estate market is vulnerable to change due to the ever-changing statutory laws and demographic scenarios.

4 Things A Newbie Home Buyer Must Know Before Investing in a Property

Are you planning to buy your dream home? The feat of buying a home could be tedious and stressful unless you are well versed with the facts that to be known before taking the leap of faith. Nevertheless, your dream home is the most prized possession that you could ever achieve of. Your home is your pride, emotion, happiness and style statement.

Convincing Factors that Woo a Buyer to Buy a Home

What are the Convincing Factors that Woo a Buyer to Buy a Home?



Better House Or Better Neighbourhood: Which One is Your Priority?

Buying the best house in a questionable neighborhood and buying a worse home in the best neighborhood- these are the most debatable question when it comes to buying a house. Which one is a better option? Who does not love a perfect home?

6 Things to Consider When Buying a Retirement House

You deserve to fill your golden days with fun, relaxation and a great home to create best memories. Searching criteria to be considered for your retirement home is likely to be very different from your previous purchases.

Hinjawadi: Booming Real Estate Destination in the Western Fringe of Pune

Ever since the growth of IT industries in Hinjawadi, it has transformed into a most sought after residential area from a sleeping village. More and more home buyers are showing interest in buying their dream home amidst the natural scenic view of Hinjawadi.

A Few Things to Know Before Signing Your Rent Agreement

Once you have found the perfect rented apartment in Pune, ensure to check the rent agreement before entering into a legally binding contract. It is important to take some more time and raise any concerns before taking the final plunge in order to avoid any dispute in the future.

A Comprehensive Guide to New Investors in Real Estate

Making an entry to vast, uncertain and volatile Indian real estate market is seem to be intimidating for both developers and home buyers. Needless to say, investing in Indian real estate is a lucrative option. It is the tool for building wealth, to be used in the future.

Why should You buy A Ready-To-Move-In Property in Pune?

Pune, being one of most sought after real estate destinations, houses numerous projects of both reputed and newbie developers alike. There is no dearth of supply in ready-to-move-in and under-construction flats.

4 Financial Aspects to Consider Before Buying a Home in Pune

Owning a home is deemed to be a part of the Indian dream. Everyone aspires to own the home of their dream. There is a lot of aspiration and hard work going in when it comes to buying a property.

What To Expect From VTP Blue Waters Mahalunge?

VTP Blue Waters is a mega township project coming to the Baner annex – Mahalunge in Pune. The township will be nestled amidst the lush greenery of Mahalunge at the bank of River Mula.

4 Hidden Costs to be Considered While Buying a Home in Pune

Buying a house is a dream for every Indian, and when the dream is fulfilled, it is obvious for the buyer to rejoice the moment.

Punawale: An Emerging Real Estate Hub in Pune

In the western corner of Pune city, lies Punawale, an erstwhile village which has been transforming into a cosmopolitan locality of the city. Administrated by PCMC (Pimpri Chinchwad Municipality Corporation), Punawale is well appointed with basic civic amenities.

Pros and Cons of Living Outside City Limits

Choosing an ideal place to live is not an easy feat as it may seem. You can not choose a location and start living there. It has many more dynamics involved than just actually just deciding a place to move into. You must consider various things while taking a crucial decision.

Real Estate 2020: Indian Market is Poised for Massive Growth

Indian real estate market is going through a drastic transformation in recent years.

Women Home Buyers in India: A Tour to Real Estate

In India, women are considered as the "Ghar Ki Lakshmi" (the Hindu goddess of wealth for every household). Woman of the house is a key pillar who can transform a brick and mortar house into a 'Home Sweet Home' for every member of the family.

6 Vastu Tips for Home Buyers in Pune

Vastu is an ancient Hindu cosmic science of architecture, which has widely been practiced in India for better living. Most home buyers in Pune tend to consider vastu compatibility of the house/apartment before buying the dream home.

How to Secure a Home Loan with Bad Credit?

So, you are planning to take the final plunge into home buying for the first time. You might be nervous as this is your first purchase in real estate. If your credit is on the shaky ground, then you are very likely to be doubtful about the sanction of the home loan.